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cochrane newCochrane is an international network made up of professionals, health care administrators and users interested in preparing, updating and disseminating systematic revisions of primary studies on the effects of health care.

Cochrane develops its activities through Collaborative Review Groups, which - at international level - collaborate in this common goal. In addition to the work done by the Groups, Cochrane uses Method Groups (GM) - whose task is to do research on the methodology of systematic reviews and the issues related to it - and Fields / Networks that promote coordination between the various GCR and the collection of relevant studies for the production of systematic reviews.

The main product of Cochrane is the Cochrane Library, which contains six databases including the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR). The CDSR collects all the systematic reviews produced by the Cochrane Collaboration as well as the protocols of the reviews in progress. The CDSR in 2015 had an impact factor of 6032.

The Cochrane Drugs and Alcohol Group is one of the 54 Cochrane groups and is responsible for conducting systematic reviews of trials on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the problematic use of psychoactive substances. The Group has so far published 79 systematic reviews and 21 protocols, and has also 14 recorded titles.


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