• deplazio
    The Department of Epidemiology of the Lazio Regional Health Service (DEP)
    is based in Rome and has over 30 years of experience
  • ambientale-valutativo

    The staff of the DEP has specific expertise in epidemiological methods
  • rischi ambientali
    Provide decision makers with the best epidemiological evidence
    to plan interventions to reduce health risks
  • esiti
    Outcome evaluation of health care
  • cure sanitarie
    Provide evidence to improve the quality
    and effectiveness of health care
  • inquinamento
    Assess the risks associated with
    short and long term exposure to air pollutants
  • cambiamenti climatici
    Assessing the health impact of climate change and extreme events

Registro Regionale Dialisi e Trapianti Lazio (RRDTL)

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